Victrix Armaments, a Rottigni Company, surrounded by the hills of the Gandino valley, north-east of Bergamo, with over 45 years of experience in high precision engineering, we have developed unique manufacturing processes, which result in extremely close tolerances unparalleled in the firearms industry.

At Victrix Armaments, we see ourselves as unique within the firearms industry, with the exception of the match grade barrel, all of the other components of the rifle have been designed and manufactured within our company. The advantage to this, of course, is that we are not reliant on other manufacturers for supply, quality and functionality. In maintaining this degree of control, we have analysed specific materials for their mechanical qualities and incorporated them into the design and manufacture of our rifles. Victrix Armaments. Creators of Precision. We go straight to the heart of perfection.

Our actions are worked out directly from billet on high-technological CNC machining centres, to accomplish very law geometrical and dimensional tolerances and meet extremely high-quality standards. The alloy steel used allows to achieve high mechanical specifications. Treatment processes are carefully checked as they ensure long-lasting performance standards.

All actions single shot as well as those with magazines are equipped with a three-lug bolt thus assuring the highest precision.

Victrix Armaments. Creators of Precision.

All of our components come together in our rifle building department, where each component is lovingly put together, with the emphasis on attention to detail, by our craftsmen, to produce what is known as the Victrix Precision Rifle.