The constant research carried out in our R&D department makes our systems Lunae an unicum in hunting. Finest solid wood walnut and innovative materials mixed together: a constant exchange between history and progress, raw material and technology.

All this to get light and precise rifles, to handle them in a very comfortable way. To reach an idea of conscious and secure shooting respecting the tradition and the surrounding environment.

Technical specifications

Our Victrix rifles are thought, developed and manufactured according to unique manufacturing processes, which result in extremely close tolerances unparalleled in the firearms industry.
Our actions are worked out directly from billet on high-technological CNC machining centres, to accomplish very law geometrical and dimensional tolerances and meet extremely high-quality standards. The alloy steel used Aisi 630 allows to achieve high mechanical specifications. Treatment processes are carefully checked as they ensure long-lasting performance standards. All actions are equipped with a three-lug bolt thus assuring the highest precision. The barrel grooves improve the rigidity and resistance to bending achieving high-performance levels also with very long barrels. The action lever is firmly fixed thanks a to an strain relief system which makes it completely safe.

The stock of the Lunae series is entirely manufactured in-house and made of attentively selected walnut wood superior grade with inserts in rosewood which enhances the attention to detail. Engraving on the grip and on the forend allows a more reliable handle for easy maneuvering also under bad weather conditions. The wood undergoes rigorous seasoning process so that it becomes weather-resistant and durable ready for a long-lasting rifle that you can take everywhere over time.