“When our new brand was launched, it naturally aroused much interest. Who was working on this project? Who were the technicians and engineers who make up Victrix Armaments? Who was managing the project? But most of all, who was really behind this ambitious venture? Indeed, who could take on such a major challenge?
These are all valid questions but, is it not possible to truly understand the importance of our brand simply by asking who and how many are working on it? I now welcome the opportunity to answer as many of these questions as I can and also to convey the real impetuous behind our Company. Behind Victrix Armaments are those most passionate about precision shooting. Behind Victrix Armaments are individuals working at the highest level in the military arena, true experts in their particular field.

Behind Victrix Armaments are technicians and specialists in precision engineering and design who are prepared to explore all segments of their craft and expertise. Why? After years acting as strategic partners to a large number of equipment manufacturers and particularly arms-producing companies and brands, we realised that it was now time for us to demonstrate our ability to manufacture a product without compromise and to honour our idea of precision firearms.”

Giuseppe Valtorta
CEO and Founder


“Victrix Armaments starts from here: every choice is driven by passion. Each project is driven by heart and perfectly reflects the weapon system we have in mind.”


“A company with over 45 years of experience in high precision engineering, we have developed unique manufacturing processes, which result in extremely close tolerances unparalleled in the firearms industry and lets us manufacture perfect, reliable and incomparable weapon systems. This means to hallmark them Victrix Armaments.”


“We are designers, manufacturers, assemblers, enhancers. Victrix pride and experience: Where 45 years of traditional craftsmanship dovetails with modern technology.”