Pugio Small Bore

Dark Olive Drab Green Medium Flat Brown Dark Grey Hard Black Anodised
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Destination use
Military training

Caliber / Twist rate 
.22 L.R. (1/16) 

Barrel length  

5,51 kg (12.15 lb) with an empty magazine and no scope

Closed overall length: 652 mm (25.66”)
Open overall length: 898 mm (35.35”)
With muzzle thread protector

Base rifle
Barrel in special steel 
Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple lever adjustments, a retractable monopod with quick positioning adjustment and fine adjustment, and an insulated cheek piece  
Single feed and single stack 10-round magazine  
Reversible EVO button folding system  
Octagonal elliptic forend with attachment system for accessories, a 20 MoA integrated monobloc top rail and an integrated monobloc rail for mounting a bipod according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913  
Ergonomic and interchangeable zero angle flat top grip for standard AR platform  
20 MoA removable action rail according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913 
Muzzle thread protector 
Detachable multifunction carry handle with quick mount:  
·    With QM (Quick mount) attachment for picatinny rail  
·    Ergonomic handle  
·    Integrated picatinny rail  
·    Hook for rope attachment  
·    QD (Quick detach) attachments  
·    Tripod attachment with 1/4” – 20 UNC and 3/8” – 16 UNC threads  
·    Front magnetic bit holder for field maintenance   
Action in AISI 630 worked out from billet  
Bolt with two asymmetric rear lugs arranged at an angle of 60-degree lift, with a quick disassembly system, a double extractor and an ergonomic interchangeable bolt lever 
PVD finish on the action and on the bolt   
Victrix Sporting Plus adjustable single stage trigger with a two-position safety: standard setting approx. 250 gr (8.82 oz) 
Heavy-duty reinforced transport case  
User manual and welcome kit  

Stock colour
CERAKOTE ceramic polymer firearm coatings available in three colours:  
Dark Grey  
Dark Olive Drab Green  
Medium Flat Brown 
Graphite Black 

Side picatinny rails for forend with attachment system for accessories according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913  
45 MoA action rail according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913 

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