Crown V

Medium dark-grey with silver metallic
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Destination use
ELR Shooting

.375 CT (1/8)
.408 CT (1/10)

Barrel length

13.8 kg (30.42 lb) with muzzle brake, barrel length 38” and no scope

Closed overall length: 1421 mm (55.95”)
Open overall length: 1681 mm (66.18”)
With muzzle brake and barrel length 38”

Base rifle
Lapped rifled barrel in AISI 416R 
High strength monobloc chassis in light alloy 
Buttstock with a horizontal and vertical adjustment, and an insulated cheek piece 
Rear slider inclined at 3 degrees, vertically adjustable by a gold finished ring 
High strength EVO folding system in light alloy 
Ergonomic and interchangeable grip with palm shelf 
45 MoA action rail in special steel 
Anschutz-type bottom rail for mounting a bipod 
Victrix ProAngle detachable muzzle brake featuring 5 forward canted chambers 
Single-shot action in AISI 420 worked out from billet through milling and turning with finish on grinding machinery. Bolt with 3 symmetric lugs: first lug at the bottom of the cylinder in vertical position (at 6 o’clock), two side lugs arranged at an angle of 120-degree 
PVD finish on the action and on the bolt 
Victrix Sporting Plus trigger with two positions top safety and a gold finish on the trigger lever: standard setting approx. 500 gr (17.64 oz) 
Muzzle thread protector 
Heavy-duty reinforced transport case 
User manual and welcome kit 

Stock colour
CERAKOTE ceramic polymer firearm coating available in colour: 
Medium Dark Grey with Silver Metallic 

Anschutz-type to picatinny accessory rail with quick detach attachments

Rome Accessories

Choose the best accessories for your rifle.
Rome Accessories and Victrix Armaments, together to an only target.