Target T

Blue River Green Mountain
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Destination use
Sporting by bipod

.308 Match (1/11 – 30”)
.308 Match (1/10 -32”)
6,5 Creedmoor (1/8,5 – 30”)
6,5×47 Lapua (1/8,5 – 30”)

Barrel length
See calibers above

6.60 kg (14.55 lb) no scope, barrel length 30”
6.82 kg (15.03 lb) no scope, barrel length 32”
The weight may vary of +/- 100 gr (3.53 oz) depending on the origin of the raw material

Overall length 1230 mm (48.43”)
With barrel length 30”

Overall length 1280 mm (50.39”)
With barrel length 32”

Base rifle
Lapped button rifled barrel in AISI 420, muzzle at 1”
Laminate wood stock
Anima® system, stock with a monolithic bedding in light alloy
20 MoA integrated action rail
Anschutz-type rail in light alloy for mounting a bipod
Short Single-shot action in AISI 630 worked out from billet through milling and turning. Bolt with six symmetric lugs, dirt/ice grooves integral
PVD finish on the action and on the bolt 
Victrix Sporting T Single-stage adjustable trigger: standard setting approx. 250 gr (8.82 oz) 
Explorer Cases case for transport cod. 13513
User manual and welcome kit

Stock colour
All stocks are in laminate wood and available in the following colours:
Blue River
Green Mountain

Vertical Adjustment Victrix Sporting
Spacer Victrix Sporting

Rome Accessories

Choose the best accessories for your rifle.
Rome Accessories and Victrix Armaments, together to an only target.