“After years spent researching for more exotic and exuberant dimensions”, says Giuseppe Valtorta, CEO and founder of Victrix Armaments, “We understood that fun could be huge even with smaller calibers.

For this reason we decided to invest in a rimfire platform, in .22 L.R., which is completely new both from a mechanical and ballistic point of view compared to the solutions currently on the market. We reduced the caliber but precision and reliability stay on the maximum level!”

Thanks to this unexpected novelty, Victrix Armaments, world leader in the construction of bolt action rifles, just 8 years after its birth, reaches an important milestone: it had become the only brand in the world to deal with the design and construction of rifles for both the sporting and military fields, in the entry level and premium versions, with calibers from .22 L.R. up to .50 BMG.

The rifles of the new Victrix Small Bore line, available in both single-shot and repeater configurations, adopt equivalent construction standards, materials and coatings of the Victrix Armaments premium series “V”, guaranteeing the same quality levels to which the Bergamo based brand has always accustomed us. The interchangeability of the chassis between the newcomers and their respective larger caliber “sisters” maintains the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics of the rifle and permits the shooter to easily switch between Small Bore and larger caliber configurations. “With our new Victrix Small Bore in .22 L.R.”, Giuseppe Valtorta continues, “we can simulate the difficulties of larger calibers in much smaller distances, in structures more diffused on the territory and with a derisory cost of ammunition. This is the ideal rifle for both the enthusiast looking for fun and the professional shooter who needs a constant training on the shooting line”.

Even if the .22 L.R. caliber has always been snubbed from larger caliber enthusiasts, we are confident that the new Victrix Small Bore line will put everyone in agreement because it’s a small caliber weapon that guarantees great fun!

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