Scorpio V

Standard configuration with 22'' barrel
Dark Olive Drab Green Medium Flat Brown Dark Grey Armor Black
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Destination use
Law Enforcement

.338 Lapua Magnum (1/10)
.300 Win. Magnum (1/10)
.300 Norma Magnum (1/10)

Barrel length

6.4 kg (14.11 lb) with an empty magazine, muzzle brake, barrel length 22”
and no scope
6.7 kg (14.77 lb) with an empty magazine, muzzle brake, barrel length 26”
and no scope

Closed overall length: 902 mm (35.51”)
Open overall length: 1148 mm (45.20”)
With muzzle brake and barrel length 22”

Closed overall length: 1004 mm (39.53”)
Open overall length: 1250 mm (49.21”)
With muzzle brake and barrel length 26”

Base rifle
Lapped match-grade button rifled barrel in AISI 416R 
Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple lever adjustments, a retractable monopod with quick positioning adjustment and fine adjustment, and an insulated cheek piece 
Single feed and single stack 7-round polymer magazine 
Reversible EVO button folding system  
Octagonal elliptic forend with attachment system for accessories, a 20 MoA integrated monobloc top rail and an integrated monobloc rail for mounting a bipod according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913 
Ergonomic and interchangeable zero angle flat top grip for standard AR platform 
20 MoA action rail according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913 
Detachable multifunction carry handle with quick mount: 
·    With QM (Quick mount) attachment for picatinny rail 
·    Ergonomic handle 
·    Integrated picatinny rail 
·    Hook for rope attachment 
·    QD (Quick detach) attachments 
·    Tripod attachment with 1/4” – 20 UNC and 3/8” – 16 UNC threads 
·    Front magnetic bit holder for field maintenance  
Victrix ProAngle detachable muzzle brake featuring 3 forward canted chambers 
Long action in AISI 630 worked out from billet through milling and turning with finish on electro-discharge and grinding machinery. Bolt with three asymmetric lugs: first lug on top of the cylinder in vertical position (at 12 o’clock), two side lugs arranged at an angle of 105-degree lift, dirt/ice grooves integral and an ergonomic interchangeable bolt lever 
PVD finish on the action and on the bolt 
Victrix Professional dual stage trigger, convertible to a single stage trigger, with two positions top safety: standard setting approx. 1000 gr (35.27 oz) 
Heavy-duty reinforced transport case  
User manual and welcome kit 

Stock colour
CERAKOTE ceramic polymer firearm coatings available in: 
Dark Grey 
Dark Olive Drab Green 
Medium Flat Brown 
Armor Black 

Side picatinny rails for forend with attachment system for accessories according to STANAG 4694/Mil std 1913  

Rome Accessories

Choose the best accessories for your rifle.
Rome Accessories and Victrix Armaments, together to an only target.