Venus PRO


Get ready for a real revolution:
our new Victrix Venus PRO is the future of precision shooting!
We don’t see the future, we build it.
And yours is called Victrix Venus PRO,
the sporting rifle born not only to compete,
but above all to succeed.

Venus PRO
Standard configuration with 26'' barrel
Hit Blue


Destination use 
Sporting ideal for dynamic long range precision shooting 

Caliber / Twist rate
6 XC (1/8)
6,5 x 47 Lapua (1/8.5)
6,5 x 47 Lapua (1/7,5)
6,5 Creedmoor (1/8.5)
6,5 Creedmoor (1/7,5)
6 Creedmoor (1/8)
.308 Match (1/11)
.308 Match (1/10)

Barrel length 

7 kg (15.43 lb), with an empty magazine, a Muzzle thread protector and no scope

Closed overall length: 921 mm (36.26”)
Open overall length: 1160 mm (45.67”)

Base rifle
Match-grade stainless steel button rifled barrel with a bull barrel contour 
Buttstock with horizontal and vertical multiple button adjustments and an adjustable insulated cheek piece, equipped with a Picatinny rail on the underside 
Single feed and double stack 10-round metal magazine 
Reversible EVO button folding system 
High strength monobloc chassis in light alloy ready to mount accessories or hold ammunition, and an ergonomic thumb rest  
Light profile forend in light alloy equipped with an integrated Anschutz-type rail in the middle, an integrated Arca rail and a side with attachment system for accessories that run the entire length 
Interchangeable barricade stop to protect the magazine 
Wider trigger guard 
Ergonomic and interchangeable zero angle flat top grip for standard AR platform 
Muzzle thread protector 
Short action in AISI 630 worked out from billet with a 20 MoA integrated rail 
Bolt with six symmetric lugs, equipped with grooves and an ergonomic interchangeable bolt lever 
PVD finish on the action and on the bolt 
Victrix Sporting Plus Adjustable single stage trigger with a two-position safety: standard setting approx. 400 gr (14.11 oz) 
Heavy-duty reinforced transport case  
User manual and welcome kit 

Stock colour  
CERAKOTE ceramic polymer firearm coating available in: 
Hit Blue 

Handguard cover on the front with Picatinny rail 172,5 mm (6.79”) 
Handguard cover on the front with Picatinny rail 296 mm (11.65”) 
Nr. 2 side forend weights  


Rome Accessories

Choose the best accessories for your rifle.
Rome Accessories and Victrix Armaments, together to an only target.



Choose to compete at the top of your category,
choose a Victrix Venus PRO.
An ideal, reliable and highly competitive shooting teammate,
that will go beyond your expectations and ensure podium performances.


The new Victrix Venus PRO has all the features you can imagine
for your ideal sporting rifle and even beyond:
it sets a new standard of excellence,
thanks to a perfect combination of precision, design, efficiency and functionality.