The rifles of the new Victrix Small Bore line, available in both single-shot and repeater configurations, adopt equivalent construction standards, materials and coatings of the Victrix Armaments premium series “V”, guaranteeing the same quality levels to which the Bergamo based brand has always accustomed us. The interchangeability of the chassis between the newcomers and their respective larger caliber “sisters” maintains the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics of the rifle and permits the shooter to easily switch between Small Bore and larger caliber configurations. “With our new Victrix Small Bore in .22 L.R.”, says Giuseppe Valtorta, CEO and founder of Victrix Armaments, “we can simulate the difficulties of larger calibers in much smaller distances, in structures more diffused on the territory and with a derisory cost of ammunition. This is the ideal rifle for both the enthusiast looking for fun and the professional shooter who needs a constant training on the shooting line”.

The first rifle of the line to be unveiled on 2022 September was the Victrix Venus V Small Bore, which is available in the Hard Black Anodised and Orobic-Blue colourways.

Let’s discover together the technical peculiarities:

• The action, made of 17-4PH, has new technical solutions compared to what we are used to see in the Victrix Armaments “V” series .

• The bolt has two rear asymmetrical lugs. It is also equipped with double extractor and and quick disassembly system that facilitates effective cleaning in all its parts, even on field.

• The trigger is the adjustable Victrix Sporting Plus single stage, equipped with a two positions top mounted safe, it is interchangeable with any other Victrix trigger or Remington compatible .

• The magazine, compared to the one equipped on the Victrix Armaments “V” series rifles, remains unchanged from the point of view of external geometry and ergonomics, but has been the subject of a long design study to make it adaptable to the new caliber. It is equipped with a slider that facilitates the insertion of the 10 available rounds and it allows to see at a glance the number of ammunition still available

• The barrel, specifically studied for the new caliber n terms of profile, materials used and diameters.

Venus Small Bore
Venus Small Bore

Even if the .22 L.R. caliber has always been snubbed from larger caliber enthusiasts, we are confident that the new Victrix Small Bore line will put everyone in agreement because it’s a small caliber weapon that guarantees great fun!