General rules

The «Victrix Shoots» General Rules are part of the relationship between Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l.,Via Giuseppe Mazzini 38/A 24026, Cazzano Sant’Andrea and the participants in the initiative.
“Victrix Shoots” General Rules can be found on www.victrixarmaments.com.
Rottigni Officina Meccanica s.r.l. will not publish images that do not comply with one or more rules of this regulation, and participants have no right to claim compensation.
Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l has the right, if necessary, to inform and involve the Competent Authorities.

Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l. invites participants to share their photos about Victrix Armaments brand. The goal is to describe how our Victrix Armaments brand is perceived in different countries of the world. Photos must include Victrix Armaments logo or our characteristic «V» logo.

The photos can be set in any context and do not necessarily have to portray one of our Victrix Armaments rifles.

Photographs containing other competitor logos or products will not be accepted.

To participate in the initiative «Victrix Shoots» you need:

Participation is free and is allowed only to adults.

The photo you’ll upload has to be:

  • in black and white or color
  • with vertical or horizontal framing
  • in high resolution
  • weighing up to 2 Mega and in JPEG format (.jpg).

Photomontages are not allowed.

Each photo must contain our well-legible Victrix Armaments logo or our characteristic «V» logo.

We will not accept photos containing the author’s signature or name.

Photographs containing other competitors logos or products will not be accepted.


Partecipants are responsible for their own material shared with Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l..

Therefore, each partecipant exclude any liability of Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l. towards third parties, also towards people that are portrayed in the photos. The participant must inform the persons portrayed in the photos in the ways provided by D. Lg. June 30, 2003 n. 196, and obtain the consent to use them. Photos must not contain sensitive data.

Each participant also declares to be the sole author of the images sent and that they are original, unpublished and not in the process of publication, which do not affect the rights of third parties.

Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l. also reserves the right to exclude from the competition and not to publish photos that do not comply with this regulation or with the commonly recognized rules on public morality, ethics and decency. Images of dead animals or deceased persons, images of children carrying or interacting with weapons are not allowed.

Images deemed offensive, improper and harmful to human and social rights will not be accepted.
Moreover, the images deemed not suitable by Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l. will not be published.
Participating in the initiative guarantees to Rottigni Officina Meccanica s.r.l. a worldwide license, irrevocable, perpetual, exclusive, transferable to third parties, with no possibility to request compensation, to publish, edit, print and display submitted images.
Each participant is personally responsible for the photographs sent and authorizes Rottigni Officina Meccanica S.r.l. to be reproduced on catalogue, publications and on-line without any obligation to mention the name of the author.
Please note that the personal data provided by the participants will be used for activities related to institutional or promotional purposes in accordance with D.Lg. 30 June 2003 n. 196.
The material sent will not be returned.
Each participant, if requested by the organization, must be able to provide the original uncompressed files (RAW or JPEG digital files or film) in case of doubts or disputes.

Photographs containing other competitors logos or products will not be accepted.

Participation in the initiative implies unconditional acceptance of the rules contained in this Regulation.
Rottigni Officina Meccanica s.r.l. can modify this regulation, and will communicate the modifications to the following link https://www.victrixarmaments.com/en/general-rules/.