“Size doesn’t always matter, we have it small and short and we are proud of it!”

Our new Victrix Small Bore line is designed for those who believe that fun doesn’t come exclusively from the ostentation of large size and large caliber. Today we present you two rifle systems, the milestones of Victrix Armaments history in their standard calibers. We are talking about:

Pugio SB, the most compact Victrix firearm system, precise, resistant and compact;

Gladio SB, a modular, very strong and ergonomic firearm system in a small caliber with a high performance.

The interchangeability of the chassis between the newcomers and their “sisters” in standard calibers keeps the technical, ergonomic and aesthetic characteristics of the rifle unchanged and lets the shooter easily switch between a Small Bore and a standard calibers configuration. With our Victrix Small Bore in .22 LR, so also with a Pugio SB and a Gladio SB, you can simulate the difficulties of standard calibers at smaller distances, in shooting ranges more widespread in the area and with a small cost of ammunition. Victrix Small Bore line is ideal for the enthusiast looking for fun as well as for the professional shooter who needs a constant training on the shooting line.

Let’s get to know the newborns of our Victrix Small Bore family.

Gladio SB

Both models, Pugio SB and Gladio SB, faithfully follow the ergonomic dimensions and set up of their counterpart in larger calibers of the Victrix “V” series.

Victrix Gladio SB is available in three barrel lengths (26″, 24″ and 22″), while Victrix Pugio SB has a single 16” barrel length. The twist rate for both is 1/16.

Both are equipped with a single-feed and a single stack 10-round magazine with an increased pad.

The bolt of both new Victrix Small Bore rifles has two asymmetrical rear lugs with a double extractor and a quick disassembly system that makes it easy to clean all parts, even on field.

The colours available are the same as the Professional line: Dark Grey, Medium Flat Brown, Dark Olive Drab Green. Gladio SB and Pugio SB are launched also in the new hard black anodized version.

What else? Small is fun, but short can be even more fun!

For more information about the Victrix Small Bore line, please visit our Small Bore section where you can discover all the latest news.